13th STATE is a blog covering art, text, design, and audiovisual culture, focusing on (but not limited to) artists and artworks in and from southern New England. It's written by Alexander Castro, who's been covering arts regionally since 2014.

Currently, the site is on 'Volume 2' of regular coverage: a mix of reviews, interviews and essays.  

The previous series was 30 DAYS OF JUNE. A new post was added everyday in June 2022. See the recap post for some highlights from this project.

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+ No. 9, Aug 29 2022. Magi tricks (Reviewed: Wise Guise at Narrows Center for the Arts)
+ No. 8, July 31 2022. 31 days later ('30 days of June' recap)

~ No. 30, Gramma draws Pokemon
~ No. 29, Everybody: Get in here!
~ No. 28, Birthday gifts (1997-present)
~ No. 27, Love you to the moon and back (Teresa Teng)
~ No. 26, Obnoxious appetites (Rumiko Takahashi)
~ No. 25, Intestinal visions (Cy Twombly)
~ No. 24, "Pledge of nothingness" (Selections from Luce Irigaray)
~ No. 23, Potato Head sculptures in Rhode Island (ranked)
~ No. 22, Beautiful fraud (Clarice Lispector's essay "Charlatans")
~ No. 21, What's her line? (Reviewed: Mary Dondero at Providence Art Club)
~ No. 20, Outcasts of a certain age (Reviewed: Joe Banda at New Bedford Art Museum)
~ No. 19, Cataloging Jacob Lawrence in New England
~ No. 18, How to fold a sheet (Reviewed: Kate Barber at AS220 Project Space)
~ No. 17, Absolute unit (Reviewed: Carl Simmons at New Bedford Art Museum)
~ No. 16, Speed killed ('Dead Flash' comic book covers)
~ No. 15, I forgot to write a title (Reviewed: Callie Chan and Madigan Farrell at Providence College Galleries)
~ No. 14, Aqueous man (Subscribers-only filler post)
~ No. 13, An open-and-shut case (Reviewed: Maxime Belykh at Apartment 13)
~ No. 12, Rip it up and start again (Reviewed: Mercedes Nuñez, Michael Ezzell and Laura Travis at IMAGO Gallery)
~ No. 11, A tale of two cities, and five windows (Reviewed: Greg Carideo at FR MoCA; photos at Rogers Free Library)
~ No. 10, Avert your eyes (or not) (Gilbert Hernandez's Blubber)
~ No. 9, Needs more fushigi (Akina Nakamori's Fushigi)
~ No. 8, Wednesday morning filler
~ No. 7, You could burn up my clothes (Prince's Sign O' the Times, Part 2)
~ No. 6, I could write you poetry (Prince's Sign O' the Times, Part 1)
~ No. 5, Media my husband forced me to watch (ranked)
~ No. 4, Of Minions and machine intelligence
~ No. 3, Arbus the antidote (Diane Arbus monograph by Aperture)
~ No. 2, Game Boy as gnosis (The Mew Glitch)
~ No. 1, Bulldozing the familiar world

+ No. 7, May 13, 2022. Wanna talk about it? (Reviewed: Melissa Stern at Fuller Craft Museum)
+ No. 6, Apr 20 2022. Goodbye to rabbit season (Reviewed: Shari Weschler and Deena Smith at Coastal Contemporary Gallery)
+ No. 5, Apr 4 2022. What's your orange? (Interview w/ Barbara Owen)
+ No. 4, Mar 3 2022. "All the colors, all the time" (Interview w/ Scott Alario)
+ No. 3, Feb 22 2022. These nuts were made for healing (Reviewed: Elizabeth Tashjian at UConn)
+ No. 2, Feb 6 2022. Letter frequency (Interview w/ Nate Piekos)
+ No. 1, Jan 27 2022. Look ma, I'm a Lebenskünstler. (feat. art by Marc Kehoe and Barbara Owen)